Changes planned to Throwable, 6991528 & 6998871

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Fri Nov 12 15:47:47 UTC 2010

Paul Benedict wrote:
> Joe,
> The class documentation currently has a nice chronological history of
> Throwable's features:
> * "Prior to release 1.4, there were many throwables that had their own
> non-standard exception chaining mechanisms..."
> * "Further, as of release 1.4, many general purpose...."
> * "Also introduced in release 1.4 is the getStackTrace() method..."
> It's odd, however, that the suppressed exceptions feature is held off
> until the printStackTrace() method:
> "As of release 7, the platform supports the notion of suppressed exceptions..."
> For consistency, I recommend moving some of that documentation to the
> class level to continue the big picture.
> Paul

Hello Paul.

Yes, I had noticed that chronology too.  However, the way I would make 
the current definition of the class consistent is to largely delete the 
history lesson ;-)  Much of the text in question reads much better in 
release 1.4 than in 1.5, 6, or now 7.


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