Please review correction of regression test Test6929067

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Mon Nov 15 13:06:05 UTC 2010

Alan Bateman wrote:
> Pavel Tisnovsky wrote:
>> Hi,
>> can anybody please review correction of regression test
>> runtime/6929067/Test6929067?
>> I changed this test in a way that it now correctly works on x86_64
>> platform for example.
>> Webrev is available at:
>> Thank you in advance
>> Pavel
> Pavel - as this is a runtime test in the hotspot repo then it would be
> best to send this to hotspot-runtime-dev. Also, I think
> jdk7/hotspot-rt/hotspot would be a better repo to target as it
> complicates integration a bit if there are changesets for the hotspot
> repo pushed to the jdk7/tl forest.

Hi Alan,

thank you for info, I'll send mail with proper webrev to


> -Alan

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