Code review request "6402006: FileInputStream.available() returns negative values when reading a large file"

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Fri Nov 19 15:46:07 UTC 2010

  On 11/19/10 2:11 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> I agree with Mike's suggestion to use GetFileSizeEx. Also, well 
> spotted that the SetFilePointer usage is missing a check to 
> GetLastError. I quickly checked the other usages of this clunky API 
> and they seem to check the error.
I'll send out a new webrev.

> Do you plan to include a regression test for this? I know it's not 
> nice for tests to be create multi-GB files but this is one that we 
> should have caught a long time ago. If we create it as a sparse file 
> then the test should be relatively quick.

I have a regression test but didn't plan to include in the changeset.  
I'll modify it to create a sparse file as you suggest and include it in 
the webrev.


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