Lambda-related changes to collection api

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Wed Nov 24 23:29:09 UTC 2010

Hi Adam,

Adam Rabung said the following on 11/25/10 04:57:
> I would like to learn more about how the collection library will change 
> when lambdas are introduced in JDK 8.  Specifically:
> 1. What methods are being considered? (ie, map, filter)
> 2. For a map-like method that can produce a collection of a different 
> type, what will the return type be?  Will => 
> str.length) return an ArrayList, or an Iterable?
> Any info/links would be much appreciated.  I'm sorry if this is the 
> wrong forum.

The best forum is unclear right at this point. At the moment JSR-335 has 
just been proposed, to add closures, and it hopes to include 
enhancements to core APIs such as collections.

Exactly what form that will take will be discussed by the expert group 
and I would expect they will establish some kind of forum for public 
discussion and comments.

So hold that thought.

David Holmes

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