Reviewer needed - fix for regression test LastErrorString

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Fri May 6 11:53:29 UTC 2011

Alan Bateman wrote:
> Pavel Tisnovsky wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'd like to push fix for regression test
>> java/io/IOException/ to OpenJDK7 and OpenJDK6. This
>> fix ensures that no system-important files can be erased and/or
>> rewritten by this test even if root started JTreg. Fixed test also tries
>> all various combinations of file attributes.
>> Webrev is available at:
>> Can anybody please review it?
>> Thank you in advance,
>> Pavel Tisnovsky

Hi Alan,

> I agree that this test should be fixed but I don't know about jdk7 as
> it's being stabilized now and only critical changes are allowed.

just to be sure - are you talking about proprietary JDK7 or OpenJDK7?

> From a quick glance it looks like you've added the @test tag to both
> files so I assume jtreg will want to run it twice.

JTreg harness only "see" as test, but you are
right, I'll remove unecessary tags from shell script.

> Have you tried the
> test on Windows? I assume it will at least fail with "Unrecognized
> system" if run with Cygwin. In general it's best to avoid scripts if you
> can - in this case have you considered created an unreadable and
> unwriteable file in java instead?

No I did not try to run it on Windows, I just need to fix the
possibility of changing/erasing important system files ATM. Will try to
create Java-only solution.

> -Alan.

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