proposal to optimise the performance of the Jar utility

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Thu May 12 13:57:00 UTC 2011

I think that I am getting close to that but the code is currently trying out different options so if would be more a review of other ideas and techniques prior to cleanup also I don't know how to do a review with this toolset :-(

I would welcome some review particually of the zipwriter and I have some questions on the zip file format options

I still have some more digging to do -
1 some of the numbers are a little surprising so I want to play with the size and queues and threads to see why for instance Z2 is slowed than Z1 when using stored 

2 I thought that I would see the impact of using SeekableByteChannel for the output stage reading and writing the file

3 need to do some verification that the content is valid (any suggestions welcome)


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Subject: Re: proposal to optimise the performance of the Jar utility

mike.skells at wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an update of the optimisations to date
> In summary jar can be 3 to 4 times faster and becomes CPU bound on all 4 cores 
> of my dev system
> the results are as a CSV below
> I have included tests of the 1.6 and 1.7 code and runtime for comparison
> the optimisation that I have completed are 
> 1. increase output buffer size
> 2. add an option (D) to omit file dates (date loading was a significant overhead 
> before (4), less so afterwards, but still measurable improvements and may not be 
> useful in some circumstances (e.g. my use cases)
> 3. pipeline the scanning for the files with the output, queuing file info via a 
> BlockingQueue
> 4. rewrite the scanning to use the FileVisitor
> 5. temporary option (Zn) to specify the parallel option used
> Z0 runs the load of the file in a single thread
> Z1 runs parallel load of small files into memory caches, and runs the load of 
> the zip file in another thread
> Z2 uses a (mostly) parallel version of Zip/JarOutputStream called Zip/JarWriter
> 6 decreased the calls to BufferedOutputStream.write(int) (in Z2 mode) to limit 
> the overheads of synchronisation
> 7. modified some Jar internal data structures
> 8 eliminated double reading of a file in STORED mode for 'small' files (was once 
> for CRC and again for data)
> 9 probably a few other tweaks that I have forgotten
> I have only looked at the create path. I have mod modified the update or extract 
> paths
Mike - the results look very good. Are you at the point yet where you 
have a patch to discuss and review?


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