Building nio libraries

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Thu May 19 08:58:51 UTC 2011

Alan Bateman said the following on 05/19/11 18:04:
> David Holmes wrote:
>> Can someone tell me what I need to define to be able to build just the 
>> nio libraries?
>> I want to do:
>> make -C make/java/nio  <make-args>
>> to get built.
>> My initial attempt is failing trying to find btjars/spp.jar which is 
>> expected to be in the output directory. Is there some special import 
>> setting, or must I build something else first?
> When you build the jdk repository then it builds the tools (via 
> make/tools/**) before it descends into the make/java/** tree. Once 
> you've done an initial build then you can do incremental builds via make 
> -C make/java/nio. I don't think the build is setup to build specific 
> areas starting with an empty output directory.

That's what I'm starting to think too. I was trying to avoid doing a 
full build - not because the build itself is a problem but because it 
will take hours to do the cloning of all the repos into a NFS drive.

I wonder if I can a build from an existing set of repos and then "steal" 
the output directory ...


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