Request for review - change two include header files according to POSIX.1-2008

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Oct 12 14:16:16 UTC 2011

David Holmes wrote:
> :
> We'll need to verify the changes for <sys/fcntl.h> in the 
> genUnixConstants code. There tends to be a reason (often historical 
> and possibly no longer applicable) for using the sys variants (though 
> sometimes it was just that the non-sys version didn't exist at some 
> point in time).
This one is just an oversight, it can be changed to fcntl.h. There is 
another one in genSolarisConstants.c that can also be changed but that 
one is probably not an issue for AIX as that source file is Solaris 

I've created a bug to track this:
7100054: (porting) Native code should include fcntl.h and unistd.h 
rather than sys/fcntl.h and sys/unistd.h


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