build error: sun/nio/ch/ ?

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at
Tue Oct 25 10:48:22 UTC 2011

Hmmm... there was an issue in javac where it was not reporting raw type 
warnings for anonymous inner classes. Maurizio fixed this recently 
(javac will now report these warnings), but I did a clean build with 
Maurizio's patch and all went well. I can also still do a clean build ( 
but I build just jdk not langtools, and use a b09 import ). Nightly 
builds went fine too!

You can clearly see the raw type in the source, I just don't understand 
why we didn't see if before. I'll file a CR and have it fixed.


On 10/25/11 11:23 AM, David Holmes wrote:
> I'm getting a build error due to -Werror and the fact that
> uses a raw type: "new Class[] { ...}" and so generates a raw type warning
> David

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