Review request: 8004042 : test failed on windows with access error.

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Fri Dec 7 16:22:16 UTC 2012

On 12/7/12 7:38 AM, David DeHaven wrote:
>> (There's another issue which is that if there were previous retries, the ADEs from them are thrown away. But maybe we should save that one for another day.)
> I had the same thought, but aside from collecting and reporting all of them somehow I'm not sure what could be done about it.
> Maybe instead of:
>      cause = ade;
> do:
>      if (cause != null) {
>          cause.addSuppressed(ade);
>      } else {
>          cause = ade;
>      }
> Then they'll at least all be reported when RuntimeException is thrown.

Ah, ok, this isn't bad at all! Let's go with this.

Did you need somebody to push this for you?


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