Review request: 8004042 : test failed on windows with access error.

David DeHaven david.dehaven at
Fri Dec 7 21:39:29 UTC 2012

Hopefully final webrev for this change:

I moved the createBatFile method to TestHelper as I thought it could be useful to other tests and added more diagnostic info.

It turns out the culprit on my machine was Windows' "Application Experience" service. Each time the batch file is launched svchost.exe tries to access the file, if it doesn't release it's file locks quickly enough then when java attempts to create a new file it fails with AccessDeniedException. In procmon this was showing up as a "DELETE PENDING" result, followed by svchost.exe getting the same result at least twice then giving up. Disabling that service allowed me to run my filesystem tests unpatched without failing.

I don't see any other option to fix this as this is somewhat expected of asynchronous access in a multitasking environment. Maybe there's some means to synchronously delete files...


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