code review request : 8003147 port fix for BCEL bug 39695

David Buck david.buck at
Mon Dec 10 06:25:54 UTC 2012


I would like to request a code review of my JDK8 fix for the following 

[ 8003147 : port fix for BCEL bug 39695 to our copy bundled as part of 
jaxp ]

In addition to the fix that the BCEL project had for this issue, I 
needed to "port" some of their support for LocalVariableTypeTable:s to 
our copy of BCEL as well. Implementing support for LVTT is very 
straightforward and does not add much to the complexity or risk of this 
change (especially considering the limited scope of jaxp's use of BCEL).

Here is the webrev for my fix:

[ Code Review for jaxp ]

My understanding is that the test cases for our copy of the jaxp code 
are handled in a separate repository / test suite. I have been in 
contact with Patrick Zhang (Oracle QA) and Joe Wang and have provided a 
junit test for this issue as requested. Please see bug report for a 
simpler (non-junit) test-case. If for some reason anyone wants to see 
the junit-based test, please let me know and I can provide a copy of 
that as well.

Best Regards,

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