Review request: JDK-8004928 TEST_BUG: Reduce dependence of CoreLib tests from the AWT subsystem.

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Dec 12 16:47:10 UTC 2012

On 12/12/2012 16:36, Daniel D. Daugherty wrote:
> For this item:
> >     test/java/util/logging/
> >         Test case was simplified to avoid AWT class loading. 
> Negative test
> >         result was tested on early JDK7 build.
> if I remember correctly, the whole point of that test was to
> check for a logging deadlock relative to AWT's usage of logging.
> If you avoid loading AWT classes, doesn't that make the test
> rather useless?
> Dan

     private static final PlatformLogger log = 
     private static final PlatformLogger eventLog = 

and the updated test is just using PlatformLogger directly, I hope it 
demonstrates the same issue with a JDK that doesn't have the fix.

(BTW: Just as background, with compact profiles coming then we need to 
beat our tests into shape so that the tests for the APIs supported in 
each profile can be run. Alexey is addressing some of the low-hanging 
fruit, clearly it won't be possible to remove the dependency from all 
tests. Also care is required to ensure that the test continues to test 
what it was created to test. Expect efforts like this ^10 once modules 


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