JDK 8 code review request for 8005042 Add Method.isDefault to core reflection

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at oracle.com
Tue Dec 18 22:31:30 UTC 2012


On 12/18/2012 01:17 PM, Mike Duigou wrote:
> Looks good to me. Will a JLS reference be added in when defined? It seems kind of odd to mention JLS and not provide a ref.

Yes; once there is a particular JLS section available to reference, this 
documentation should be updated to reference it :-)

> Nice use of annotations in the test. I will steal this technique and can think of tests where I should have used it.

Thanks; this is a very helpful technique, especially for all tests 
ranging over different language constructs.  You can go further by 
*generating* the sources with annotations and running a little checker 
over the results.



> Mike
> On Dec 18 2012, at 12:43 , Joe Darcy wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Please review these changes to add core reflection support to recognize default methods:
>>     8005042 Add Method.isDefault to core reflection
>>     http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~darcy/8005042.0/
>> Thanks,
>> -Joe

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