Request for Review: 5049299: (process) Use posix_spawn, not fork, on S10 to avoid swap exhaustion

Rob McKenna rob.mckenna at
Thu Dec 20 02:28:14 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

Thanks for the feedback so far. I've uploaded a new webrev to: 

I've made the following headline changes:

- Initial effort to get this stuff into the new build-infra. Hoping 
build-infra can steer me in the right direction. (note to build infra 
reviewers: see links below)

- Source thats shared between jspawnhelper.c and UNIXProcess_md.c now 
resides in childproc.h/c. This results in cleaner changes to the makefiles.

- jspawnhelper moved to <jdk_home>/lib/<arch> on solaris (ipc 
necessitate the use of a separate jspawnhelper for each arch) and just 
/lib on macosx.

The following links to earlier threads are well worth reading for 
additional context:


On 30/11/12 03:48, Rob McKenna wrote:
> Hi David,
> On 30/11/12 02:31, David Holmes wrote:
>> Hi Rob,
>> This is only a superficial scan.
>> The changes in java/java/makefile look pretty horrible. What are all 
>> those -R entries?
> Library search paths. Currently jprochelper is linked to libjava. I'm 
> hoping to either cut their number (by altering jprochelpers home) or 
> get rid of them altogether (by avoiding linking at all) in the next 
> draft, they are indeed ungainly.
>> We will need equivalent changes for the new build system before this 
>> is pushed.
> Indeed.
>> Is the spawn use BSD specific (as per or Apple 
>> specific (as per __APPLE_ in UNIXProcess_md.c) ?
> Eesh, thanks, it applies to both platforms.
>> Are the files similar enough that we could use a 
>> single template and generate the per-OS variants?
> Before this change .bsd & .linux were identical (iirc) unfortunately, 
> no longer. Solaris has  differences. When you say "generate the per-OS 
> variants" how do you mean? I'd like to keep it as straightforward as 
> possible from a sustaining perspective. (personally I'd like to just 
> extend a base class and try to get away from the makefiles as much as 
> possible - we can discuss this in 8000975 which I'll revisit once I 
> get through this)
>> In UNIXProcess_md.c:
>> 209 #ifdef _CS_PATH
>>  210     char *pathbuf;
>>  211     size_t n;
>>  212     n = confstr(_CS_PATH,NULL,(size_t) 0);
>>  213     pathbuf = malloc(n);
>>  214     if (pathbuf == NULL)
>>  215         abort();
>>  216     confstr(_CS_PATH, pathbuf, n);
>>  217     return pathbuf;
>>  218 #else
>> what is _CS_PATH and why are we calling abort()? !!!!
> As per Martins comments I'm going to separate this into another 
> change. See:
> and
> for context. I'll look to fall back to the previous code if the 
> pathbuf malloc fails.
>> What is all the xx_ naming ??
> I believe Michael was using it to denote shared calls. (functions 
> called from both jprochelper and within UNIXProcess_md.c). I presumed 
> it was placeholder text actually, in any case it may go away in the 
> next iteration as per previous comments. If not, I'm happy to replace 
> it with whatever gets it past codereview.
>     -Rob
>> David
>> -----
>> On 23/11/2012 7:27 AM, Rob McKenna wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> Looking for a review for the webrev below, which also resolves:
>>> 7175692: (process) Process.exec should use posix_spawn [macosx]
>>> For additional context and a brief description it would be well worth
>>> looking at the following thread started by Michael McMahon, who did the
>>> brunt of the work for this fix:
>>> Basically the fix aims to swap fork for posix_spawn as the default
>>> process launch mechanism on Solaris and Mac OSX in order to avoid swap
>>> exhaustion issues encountered with fork()/exec(). It also offers a flag
>>> (java.lang.useFork) to allow a user to revert to the old behaviour.
>>> I'm having trouble seeing the wood for the trees at this point so I'm
>>> anticipating plenty of feedback. In particular I'd appreciate some
>>> discussion on:
>>> - The binary launcher name & property name may need some work. A more
>>> general property ("java.lang.launchMechanism") to allow a user to
>>> specify a particular call was mooted too. It may be more future proof
>>> and I'm completely open to that. (e.g.
>>> launchMechanism=spawn|fork|vfork|clone - we would obviously ignore
>>> inapplicable values on a per-platform basis)
>>> - I'd like a more robust way of checking that someone isn't trying to
>>> use jprochelper outside of the context for which it is meant.
>>> - The decision around which call to use getting moved to the java level
>>> and away from the native preprocessor.
>>> The webrev is at:
>>> <>
>>> Thanks a lot,
>>> -Rob

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