Request for Review: Java SE 8 Compact Profiles

David Holmes david.holmes at
Fri Dec 21 06:18:17 UTC 2012

The Java SE 8 Compact Profiles:

provides for subsetting of the Java SE 8 platform. While the 
specification covers the platform, we are only providing a reference 
implementation on Linux x86 at this time.

This work is covered by a number of CRs due to there being a need for a 
number of CC requests to modifying existing specifications

8004265: Add build support for Compact Profiles
8004502: Compact Profiles contents
8003255: (profiles) Update JAR file specification to support profiles
8003256: (profiles) Add support for profile identification
8004931: add/removePropertyChangeListener should not exist in subset 
Profiles of Java SE

The changes primarily involve the build, as you would imagine, the 
compact profiles define:

- which files (binaries, jars, native libs) are in a JRE 
- which packages/classes are in rt.jar/resources.jar 

But there are additional source changes:
- to support reporting the profile name as part of version information
- to test the versioning and tool changes

and also changes to java, javac and jar so that you can indicate which 
profile you are targeting, and have javac make sure you don't use an API 
that won't be present; and which profile you need to run (listed in your 
executable jar) so the launcher can reject it if it isn't the right 
profile. The launcher and jar changes are included in this webrev, while 
the javac changes are being integrated separately (plus some related 
javadoc changes).

Only the new build system is supported for building profiles.


top-level repo:

The main change is to simply add profiles and profiles-only as top level 
make targets (similar to images). There is also a change to remove the 
hardcoded version information (though this may be handled by a separate CR).

jdk repo:

The overall build changes expand on the pre-existing definitions whereby 
a JRE is a JDK with things take out. So a compact JRE is then a JRE with 
additional things taken out. There are three compact profiles (compact1 
being the smallest) and a full JRE. For internal build purposes these 
are referred to as PROFILE_1 etc, with a full JRE being represented by 
PROFILE_4 when needed. The specification for profiles indicates what is 
included in each profile, but the build rules then invert this to obtain 
a set of exclusions for each profile: the exclusions of a given profile 
is the set of inclusions of all larger profiles and the JRE (and of 
course the JDK).

Please note I only expect build folks to look at build changes and 
core-libs to look at src/test changes (all of which have been developed 
by Alan Bateman) and there is no need to cross-post your responses.

Like many I am about to head for Xmas break but I will continue to 
monitor email and deal with changes as needed. This is needed for M6 and 
we need to be ready to push in early January.

David Holmes

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