RFR 8004547: Extend JavaFX launcher support...

David DeHaven david.dehaven at oracle.com
Fri Dec 21 15:43:08 UTC 2012

>> Request for review for extending the launcher support to allow the JavaFX runtime to fully support all of it's launch features, including preloaders, classpath, etc..
>> Webrev:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ddehaven/8004547/webrev.1/
> FXHelper.canLauncherFXAppJar launches a JAR with JavaFX-Application-Class.  In the current version (before this fix), a FX JAR whose manifest can have a Main-Class entry that specifies the JavaFX application class that extends javafx.application.Application.  Is that case no longer supported?  Other than that, looks good.

Yes, it's handled. If there is no JavaFX-Application-Class and if the class defined by Main-Class extends Application then that will be detected later and launched using LM_CLASS instead of LM_JAR. Two of the tests specifically target this condition (lines 218 and 268).

> Minor comment: FXHelper.canLaunchFXAppJarand canLaunchFXAppClass - when they are called, we don't know if it's a FX class but I interpreted the canLaunchFXAppxxx method name that the given class is known to be an FX app but checking if it's launchable.  Would it be better to rename to isFXAppxxx?  Perhaps it's appropriate to call
>   if (FXHelper.isFxAppJar(..)) {
>       FXHelper.loadJavaFXLauncher();
>       return FXHelper.class;
>   }

I was trying to keep it down to a single method call. The names do look a bit misleading though, I'll think on that a bit.


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