Fwd: Re: Review request: 8003562: Provide a command-line tool to find static dependenciesh

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at CoSoCo.de
Thu Dec 27 18:33:27 UTC 2012

Am 22.12.2012 00:38, schrieb Mandy Chung:
> Ulf,
> I actually prefer the current way, a separate implementation of the process method for each option 
> rather than having a single big switch on enum constants.   I wrote my implementation of the 
> handleOptions method (the previous version is copied from JavapTask) [1].   That also addresses 
> the bug you found when an empty parameter is passed to the last option.  I'm happy with this 
> version and hope you are.


I respect your decision. It's your code. Nevertheless I still like my enum approach, as ...
- it saves from plenty class files,
- I believe, it only needs a third of code lines,
- and therefore should be much better readable.

Thanks for your wishes, I send them back


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