Code Review Request 7142596: RMI JPRT tests are failing

Darryl Mocek darryl.mocek at
Thu Jul 5 21:22:29 UTC 2012

Hello core-libs.  Please review this webrev to fix Bugs #7142596 and 
7161503.  Webrev can be found here: This commit fixes 
concurrency issues with the RMI tests.

- Added TestLibrary.createRegistryOnUnusedPort method.  This creates an 
RMIRegistry on an unused port. It will try up to 10 times before giving up.
- Added a TestLibrary.getRegistryPort(Registry) method to get the port 
number of the registry.
- Changed almost all tests from using hard port numbers to using random 
port numbers for running the RMI Registry and RMID.
- Removed othervm from those tests which don't need it.
- Added parameters for tests which spawn a separate VM to pass RMI 
Registry and RMID ports in cases where needed.
- Added PropertyPermission to security policy files where needed.
- Removed java/rmi and sun/rmi from tests which cannot be run concurrently.
- Added java/rmi/Naming to list of tests which cannot be run concurrently.


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