Codereview request for 7183053: Optimize DoubleByte charset for String.getBytes()/new String(byte[])

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Sat Jul 14 22:02:58 UTC 2012

Am 13.07.2012 23:59, schrieb Dalibor Topic:
> Tim is going through then issues in Bugzilla and closing the already fixed ones, and migrating the rest over to in preparation for the the JIRA migration, afaik.

So if I understand Joe correct, the patches form have been copied to the 
appropriate bugs, and later will be again publicly visible after migration to JIRA. So will be no more used as an interim solution to file patches.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

>> I'm in a kind of vacation from OpenJDK development. One reason is the missing appreciation from official side. All attempts to at least have an account on, for easier publishing webrevs, have ended in *no answer* regardless my activity:
>> See [Who Sent It?] on:
> If this patch is eventually headed for JDK 7 Updates, I could grant you an Author role there, if you wish.

Thanks, that would be great. Please use the email of above From: field, not my old GMX address.


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