Review request: 8011380: FX dependency on PlatformLogger broken

Peter Levart peter.levart at
Thu Apr 4 07:52:03 UTC 2013

HI Mandy,

On 04/04/2013 06:52 AM, Mandy Chung wrote:
> Peter, Laurent,
> History and details are described below.
> Webrev at:
> I add back the getLevel(int), setLevel(int) and isLoggable(int) 
> methods but marked deprecated and also revert the static final 
> variables to resolve the regression. They can be removed when JavaFX 
> transitions to use the Level enums (I'll file one issue for FX to use 
> PlatformLogger.Level and one for core-libs to remove the deprecated 
> methods).  The performance overhead is likely small since it's direct 
> mapping from int to the Level enum that was used in one of your 
> previous performance measurement.

I think that it is not strictly necessary to restore the PlatformLogger 
static final fields back to int type. They are compile-time constants 
and so are already "baked" into the classes compiled with older version 
of PlatformLogger. Am I right? The only problem I see if fields are kept 
as Level type is when JFX is compiled with JDK8 and then run on JDK7... 
But changing them temporarily back to int is a conservative approach and 
I support it.

> Laurent - you have a patch to add isLoggable calls in the awt/swing 
> code. Can you check if there is any noticeable performance difference?
> I also take the opportunity to reconsider what 
> JavaLoggerProxy.getLevel() should return when it's a custom Level. Use 
> of logging is expected not to cause any fatal error to the running 
> application.  The previous patch throwing IAE needs to be fixed.  I 
> propose to return the first Level.intValue() >= the custom level value 
> since the level value is used to evaluate if it's loggable.

That's a good compromise.

> History and details:
> JavaFX 8 has converted to use sun.util.logging.PlatformLogger 
> ( I was involved in the 
> early discussion but wasn't aware of the decision made. Thanks to Alan 
> for catching this regression out before it's integrated to jdk8.  
> jfxrt.jar is cobundled with jdk8 during the installer build step.  My 
> build doesn't build installer and thus we didn't see this regression.
> I ran jdeps on jdk8/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar (windows-i586) that shows 112 
> references to PlatformLogger and on jdk7/lib/jfxrt.jar that shows no 
> reference to sun.util.logging.
> I have a method finder tool (planning to include it in jdk8) to search 
> for use of PlatformLogger.getLevel and it did find 2 references from 
> jdk8/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar.
> JavaFX 8 is going to upgrade to use JDK 8 for JavaFX build 
> ( soon (currently it's 
> built with JDK 7).  As soon as JavaFX code are changed to reference 
> PlatformLogger.Level enum instead, we can remove the deprecated 
> methods and change the PlatformLogger constants.

What do you think of deprecating the PlatformLogger constants altogether 
(regardless of their type). The code using them could be migrated to use 
PlatformLogger.Level enum members directly and if 
"PlatformLogger.Level.INFO" looks to verbose, static imports can help or 
there could be some more helper methods added to PlatformLogger that 
would minimize the need to access the constants like:


Regards, Peter

> JavaFX 2.2.x doesn't use sun.util.logging and so this has no impact to 
> it.  In any case, JavaFX 2.2.x only runs either bundled with a 
> corresponding JDK 7u release, or as a standalone library for JDK 6 only.
> Thanks
> Mandy

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