Add getChars to CharSequence

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Apr 11 13:36:39 UTC 2013

On 11/04/2013 01:40, Martin Buchholz wrote:
> I've often wished that CharSequence had getChars methods, as many of 
> the concrete implementations already do.
> In jdk8 with default methods, this is possible!
> This will make some of the String code a little nicer and more efficient.
> Here's a preliminary patch in this direction, that overlaps with some 
> of the work done in
> 6206780: (str) Forwarding append methods in String{Buffer,Builder} are 
> inconsistent
> Summary: update StringBuilder & StringBuffer to consistently handle 
> forwarding to AbstractStringBuilder. Some additional cleanup (removal 
> of refs to sub-classes from AbstractStringBuilder)
> <>
> If we have consensus that this is a good idea, I can flesh this out.
It's come up a few times and I agree it's worth trying out.

You should probably add CharBuffer to the list to look at it. At least 
for the 3-arg getChars, then it will need consideration as to whether it 
works as relative bulk get (which it would if not overridden). Also the 
5-args getChars will treat srcBegin/srcEnd as relative to the current 
position as it stands.


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