hg: jdk8/tl/jdk: 8011800: Add java.util.Objects.requireNonNull(T, Supplier<String>)

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Tue Apr 16 16:46:20 UTC 2013

On 16/04/2013 17:35, Joe Darcy wrote:
> Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, but I'm a bit perplexed 
> this changeset caused a problem for several reasons.
> First, I did a clean images build on linux with this changeset it all 
> was well. Second, as I understand it, the Supplier type should be in 
> compact1.
> -Joe
It creates a problems for langtools build (not images or profiles).  The 
details are in langtools/makefiles/BuildLangtools.gmk. I'm not 100% sure 
why it creates a stub for java.util.Objects but it's this stub that 
won't compile with the boot JDK.


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