review request for 8010416: Provide a way for DriverManager.deregisterDriver to notify the JDBC driver that it has been deregistered.

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Apr 22 13:13:49 UTC 2013

On 21/04/2013 12:45, Lance Andersen - Oracle wrote:
> :
>> DriverManager
>> - one point that isn't covered in the spec is whether the DriverAction's deregister is invoked before or after it is deregistered. This distinction is probably only interesting for the case that the deregister method fails with an error/exception but it's not clear if the driver is still registered in that case. For completeness then the spec should probably say that any error/runtime exception is propagated to the caller of deregisterDriver.
>> - could the new (and the original) registerDriver methods specify the behavior for the case that the Driver is already registered? This brings up the question as to whether the DriverAction is overridden if already registered.
> clarified
Thanks, I think that covers all the corner cases.

One typo, line 376, should be "If the specified ...".


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