RFR: 8005051: optimized defaults for Iterator.forEachRemaining

Akhil Arora akhil.arora at oracle.com
Wed Apr 24 17:24:44 UTC 2013

On 04/24/2013 06:19 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 23/04/2013 20:18, Akhil Arora wrote:
>> On 04/22/2013 11:42 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
>>> One thing I meant to ask when forEachRemaining was added was whether it
>>> should say anything about the "last element"? I see in the webrev that
>>> you've set it for the ArrayList iterators but not the LinkedList
>>> iterator - should it?
>> done, and added more tests for the state of the iterator after
>> forEachRemaining returns
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~akhil/8005051.2/webrev/
>> (a portion of version 1 of the webrev has already been pushed to TL as
>> part of rev 6973 http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk8/tl/jdk/rev/98a7bb7baa76)
> The remaining changes in the webrev looks okay to me. Also good to have
> the test expanded.
> So do you think that the javadoc should say anything about the
> relationship between forEachRemaining and remove?

Good question. forEachRemaining docs state -

Implementation Requirements:

     The default implementation behaves as if:

     while (hasNext())

so a subsequent remove() should remove the last element.

To avoid blocking the feature, I have filed
https://jbs.oracle.com/bugs/browse/JDK-8013150 to refine the behavior of 
remove and other ListIterator methods after forEachRemaining returns.

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