RFR: 8011814/8013271/8013272: Three improvements to J2SE Netbeans project

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at oracle.com
Tue Apr 30 02:11:56 UTC 2013

Hello All;

This is a review for three changes to the J2SE Netbeans project. If necessary I can break this up into three separate patches but I would rather not if possible.


8011814: Add testng.jar to Netbeans projects test compile classpath

An increasing number of jtreg tests now use TestNG. This change adds the TestNG jar from you JTReg installation to the tests classpath. The location of JTReg is specified in build.properties using jtreg.home or from the environment via JT_HOME.

8013271: Add OS X sources to J2SE Netbeans project

Adds as source entry for Apple OS X sources to match the Unix and Windows entries. I checked the trademark with the Apple Trademarks page to make sure I got it correct.

8013272: JDK Netbeans projects should use ASCII encoding for sources

The build scripts compile all OpenJDK java sources using the US-ASCII encoding. This change causes Netbeans to respect this encoding. Whether US-ASCII is the awesomest encoding is certainly debatable, but all editors and IDEs should use what the compiler uses.

Thanks for reviewing,


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