FunctionalInterface as a rule in the matching interfaces ?

Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud bugeaud at
Thu Aug 1 12:28:19 UTC 2013


As a follow-up from Joe Darcy's proposal (2013-02-06) to add
@FunctionalInterface to some interfaces matching the requirements of

I propose that this improvement is applied to all the VM Java libs.

Doing a quick search, I've found some interfaces are not tagged as
FunctionaInterfaces but clearly look good candidates :

Here is the list of public API I have found so far :

Private packages also have some :

Tier lib used/derivated are also impacted (just FYI as it might be out
of scope of OpenJDK) :

Some interfaces got two methods 1 "functional like" and 1 getter.

I propose to put the getter with a default and let the function
unimplemented so matching with the lambda.

Hence, the changes should be : : remove the default from destroy() : add a default to false to isCurrent()
javax.script.Compilable : add a default to the version with String
parameter (or the Reader version ?)

java.nio.file.Watchable : add a default on the method without
modifiers calling the method with modifiers but with empty array

javax.accessibility.AccessibleStreamable : add a default version to
getMimeTypes() returning a default raw byte stream mime type like
application/octet-stream for instance

sun.awt.SubRegionShowable : add a default to showIfNotLost()

More complex cases exists like :

java.lang.Appendable, lot of methods but for the same semantics,
should we provide defaults for variants and make it @FI ?

java.lang.Cloneable : clearly here it would be nice to get a defaulted
clone() as it will improve/ease the clonable semantics (implementing
Clonable will bring the default requirement). Here I am assuming there
is no side effect of droping cases where you declare Clonable but did
not implement clone(). Is it so ?

Please forgive my post if this suggestion has not already been
debatted but I neither found it in the ML search on GG nor in the hg
Also, please not that if the idea is followed, we should performe a
more comprehensive search, as mine is only done starting on all
"*" files at this time.

Best Regards,
JB (bjb at

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