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Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Fri Aug 2 21:38:33 UTC 2013

On 8/2/13 2:37 AM, Chris Hegarty wrote:
> On 01/08/2013 22:18, Stuart Marks wrote:
>> SocketAddress overloads. Two of them were within methods that declared
>> "throws Exception." The third was within a try/catch block that catches
>> IOException. None of the three cases would suffer a source incompatibility.
> I cannot comment on the code you are talking about, but removing 'throws SE'
> from these constructors will affect anyone that is catching IOE ( since SE is a
> subclass of IOE ). Simple test:  [...]

You're correct, of course, that constructing a new DatagramPacket within a 
try/catch of IOException would suffer the source incompatibility.

I had neglected to mention, though, that the try/catch(IOException) code that I 
looked at also did a bunch of other IOException-throwing stuff within the try 
block. So in that particular case the code wouldn't have had a compatibility issue.

>> This isn't definitive, of course, but it does seem to supply some
>> evidence that making this change would result in a relatively minor
>> source incompatibility.
> Given the above, I still agree with the sentiment here. I will file a bug and
> proceed with the necessary changes to remove SE.

Great! Glad to hear it. Thanks.


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