Review request: JDK-7147084 (process) appA hangs when read output stream of appB which starts appC that runs forever (v.2)

Alexey Utkin alexey.utkin at
Mon Aug 5 16:05:09 UTC 2013

Here is new version of the fix:

Changes (in accordance with Alan's recommendations):
-- Magic constant -1 was changed to JAVA_INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE with 
explanation why the macro
-- The comments were added for each usage of the 
-- 10 seconds time limit was rewritten to file signals.


On 7/29/2013 2:32 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 11/07/2013 02:03, Alexey Utkin wrote:
>> :
>> Bug description:
>> Here is the suggested fix:
>> Summary for  v1 changes:
>> -- The set of handles that need to restore the inherit flag was extended
>> by child process IOE handles. That was done to avoid "greedy sibling"
>> problem for the file handles. The file handles are closed outside the
>> synchronized block.
>> -- "Greedy sibling" problem is covered by the
>> [test/java/lang/ProcessBuilder/] test.
>> -- The fact that the set of current process standard IOE handles and the
>> set of child process IOE handles can intersect was taken into account.
>> -- The [test/java/lang/ProcessBuilder/] was changed
>> in accordance with Martin's concern.
> I've done a first pass over this. This is a long standing issue so a 
> big thank you for taking this on. It's unfortunate that this requires 
> serializing the exec but based on the various Microsoft articles that 
> you cited when researching this one then it seems that this is what we 
> have to do.
> Overall I don't see any issues. It's nice to have the create function 
> broken up into smaller functions. I do think the new code needs 
> several comments, particularly initHolder and the constants.
> One concern with the tests is that 10 seconds might not be sufficient 
> on a slow/busy machine or a Windows machine that is being choked by AV 
> software. Could this be changed so that it just getting timed by the 
> test harness if the child does not terminate? I'm also wondering about 
> waitAbit and whether this is useful.
> -Alan.

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