8023351: Add TEST.groups in preparation to simplify rules in jdk/test/Makefile

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at oracle.com
Wed Aug 21 00:04:47 UTC 2013

On Aug 20 2013, at 05:13 , Alan Bateman wrote:

> For some time now we have been chipping away at the make files that are used to run the jdk tests. Mike has his wielded his axe on several occasions recently to remove logic and rules that are no longer needed.

I've started to sharpen my axe preparing the follow-on changes to Makefiles

>  In addition to groups for the normal test target then I also propose to add higher level groups that partition the entire test suite into three groups named "core", "svc" and "desktop". This makes it really easy to run selections of the test suite, for example "jtreg <options> :core :svc" will run all the core area and serviceability tests.

The root repo test targets currently trigger off the repo name in order to know which <repo>/test/Makefile to run. ie. jdk_util triggers running the jdk/test/Makefile. Would it be possible to retain the repo prefix for the meta group names? ie. jdk_core jdk_svc and jdk_desktop?

The other possibility is to move the TEST.ROOT and TEST.groups files for all tests to the root repo. This would have the advantage that we could define groups like "smoketest" that would span repos.


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