RFR: Remove tests from ProblemList.txt

Markus Grönlund markus.gronlund at oracle.com
Wed Aug 21 14:31:37 UTC 2013

Thanks for taking a look at these old bugs Staffan.

Looks good (not a Reviewer).


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From: Staffan Larsen 
Sent: den 21 augusti 2013 16:21
To: core-libs-dev at openjdk.java.net; serviceability-dev at openjdk.java.net serviceability-dev at openjdk.java.net
Subject: RFR: Remove tests from ProblemList.txt

I've had a look at these two old bugs:

They are both listed in ProblemList.txt and reported as intermittent failures in 2011 and 2009 respectively.

I've been searching our test history for instances of these failures, but cannot find anything for the last year (didn't look further back). I can see that the tests have been running and I can see other failures in the tests (environment issues mostly) but not the failures reported in the bugs.

I have been doing reruns on linux x86-64 and window x86-64. 1000 iterations did not reproduce the problems. 

I would thus like to close the bugs and remove the tests from ProblemList.txt. Below is the proposed diff.


diff --git a/test/ProblemList.txt b/test/ProblemList.txt
--- a/test/ProblemList.txt
+++ b/test/ProblemList.txt
@@ -336,12 +336,6 @@
 # Filed 6653793
 com/sun/jdi/RedefineCrossEvent.java                             generic-all

-# Filed 6987312
-com/sun/jdi/DoubleAgentTest.java                                generic-all
-# Filed 7020857
-com/sun/jdi/FieldWatchpoints.java                               generic-all
 # Filed 6402201
 com/sun/jdi/ProcessAttachTest.sh                                generic-all

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