RFR 8023463 Update HashMap and LinkedHashMap to use bins/buckets or trees (red/black)

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at oracle.com
Sat Aug 24 16:31:52 UTC 2013

I will need to spend more time reviewing the HashMap/LinkedHashMap implementations but here are some initial comments.



- The "Sorry if you don't like..." comment can be omitted.


- style comment : I always define my assertXXX in the (value, expected, message) form as well as the (value, expected). Being able to pass the test case name for message is often useful context. It is a little more boilerplate.

- void assertNullComparator(Collection<?> c) {
 210         assertNullComparator(c.spliterator());
 211     }

intentionally throws NPE if c is null? Why not instead assertNull or assertNonNull?


- thank you for using "hg move" to preserve history. :-)

- I try to encourage @DataProvider methods to return Iterator<Object[]> rather than Object[][]. I haven't made an incremental data provider which generates cases in next() yet.... but I could someday.

- getCollector(), put(), remove() could all be static

- put(SIZE, m, (i, s) -> { }); could be put(SIZE, m, (i, s) -> { assertEquals(i + 1,s); }); or some other check in put that the construction was expected.

On Aug 21 2013, at 05:25 , Paul Sandoz wrote:

> Hi,
> Here are Doug's Linked/HashMap changes, discussed in a previous thread, as a webrev:
>  http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~psandoz/tl/JDK-8023463-Linked-HashMap-bin-and-tree/webrev/
> I also added some tests related to characteristics associated with fixing another bug.
> Looking at the diffs will be tricky given there are so many changes.
> I fixed unchecked warnings in LinkedHashMap, but have not done so for HashMap, where there are many more casts from Node to TreeNode. One way to solve that is with a static method:
>    @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")
>    static <K, V> TreeNode<K, V> asTreeNode(Node<K, V> n) {
>        return (TreeNode<K, V>) n;
>    }
> but i dunno what the performance implications are. Perhaps it's best to simply stuff @SuppressWarnings on methods of TreeNode rather than trying to modify code just for the sake of reducing the scope.

Always a tough spot. I've favoured adding annotations to variables wherever possible but when it becomes necessary to suppress for entire methods it does feel like shot

The alternative approach of using a method would almost certainly be inlined and as a result would have little (if any) impact on performance.

I still lean towards suppressing on variables and then see what's left.

> A JPRT job has been kicked off.
> I recommend when this code goes in we look closely at code coverage results to see if we are missing areas testing tree functionality and update/add new tests accordingly.
> Paul.

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