RFR 8005634: TEST_BUG tools/launcher/VersionCheck.java fails version check on jdeps

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at oracle.com
Wed Jan 2 14:11:56 UTC 2013

The jdeps tools (recently added by 8003562) does not support '-version'. 
It uses the gnu-style '--version'. It should be excluded from 
VersionCheck.testToolVersion(), similar to the (un)pack200 tool. Long 
term we may need to re-visit this test to add support for gnu-style 
option checking, but that is a bigger issue.

The test change is to add 'jdeps' to the list of tools that do not 
support '-version'.

diff -r 38b9a7646093 test/tools/launcher/VersionCheck.java
--- a/test/tools/launcher/VersionCheck.java     Tue Jan 01 17:49:22 2013 
+++ b/test/tools/launcher/VersionCheck.java     Wed Jan 02 14:05:37 2013 
@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ public class VersionCheck extends TestHe
+        "jdeps",


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