RFR 8004547: Extend JavaFX launcher support...

David DeHaven david.dehaven at oracle.com
Thu Jan 3 18:38:22 UTC 2013

[adding core-libs-dev back in.. not sure how that got lost]

> [Back from vacation, let's get the ball rolling again… :]
>> In order to understand and explain here is a truth table:
>> Cmd line                   FAC             LAUNCH_MODE JAVAFX_LAUNCH_MODE
>> java -jar fxapp.jar        Present         LM_JAR       LM_JAR
>> java -jar fxapp.jar        Not present     LM_JAR       LM_CLASS ??
>> java -cp fxapp.jar ...     Not present LM_CLASS            LM_CLASS
>> java -cp somedir ...       Not present LM_CLASS            LM_CLASS
>> If I am understanding this correctly,  the confusion stems from the second case where the
>> value is interpreted in different ways.
> Correct. I have actually changed it to fix this case, and IMHO it cleans up the launcher code a bit.. I'll post the webrev when I'm done syncing with TL.

The current patch I have:

Minor change to accommodate this in FX LauncherImpl (needs a new JIRA issue?):

This was all working fine when I left for vacation, I'm still in the process of building/testing everything and will submit a JPRT run as soon as possible.

I had commented out two tests, but FX is in sync with JDK *and* they'll pass vacuously until FX is on the ext classpath anyways so I don't think that's necessary.


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