RFR 8004547: Extend JavaFX launcher support...

Kumar Srinivasan kumar.x.srinivasan at oracle.com
Fri Jan 4 16:52:37 UTC 2013


It is looking good, a couple of comments and requests:
1. LauncherHelper.java: Can you please document the table below in
     LauncherHelper.java, and a note to refer to LauncherHelper.java in
     FXLauncherTest.java this will make it easier to understand everything
     in the future.

2. FXLauncherTest.java

a. testExtraneousJars, you have changed the cmd from javac to java
     using a java class, thus this error message is not accurate:

throw new Exception("jfxrt.jar is being loaded by javac!!!");

b. The case of -jar with no JAC is being commented out ? I take it this
     is redundant now ? Does this need to present ? or a todo for later ?
    If so please comment it appropriately.
    // Todo: blah
    // testBasic......


     * Redundant but can be used iff .....
     * .......


> [adding core-libs-dev back in.. not sure how that got lost]
>> [Back from vacation, let's get the ball rolling again… :]
>>> In order to understand and explain here is a truth table:
>>> Cmd line                   FAC             LAUNCH_MODE JAVAFX_LAUNCH_MODE
>>> java -jar fxapp.jar        Present         LM_JAR       LM_JAR
>>> java -jar fxapp.jar        Not present     LM_JAR       LM_CLASS ??
>>> java -cp fxapp.jar ...     Not present LM_CLASS            LM_CLASS
>>> java -cp somedir ...       Not present LM_CLASS            LM_CLASS
>>> If I am understanding this correctly,  the confusion stems from the second case where the
>>> value is interpreted in different ways.
>> Correct. I have actually changed it to fix this case, and IMHO it cleans up the launcher code a bit.. I'll post the webrev when I'm done syncing with TL.
> The current patch I have:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ddehaven/8004547/webrev.2/
> Minor change to accommodate this in FX LauncherImpl (needs a new JIRA issue?):
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ddehaven/javafx/RT-26751/webrev.2/
> This was all working fine when I left for vacation, I'm still in the process of building/testing everything and will submit a JPRT run as soon as possible.
> I had commented out two tests, but FX is in sync with JDK *and* they'll pass vacuously until FX is on the ext classpath anyways so I don't think that's necessary.
> -DrD-

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