RFR 8005311: Add Scalable Updatable Variables, DoubleAccumulator, DoubleAdder, LongAccumulator, LongAdder

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Sun Jan 6 11:39:36 UTC 2013

On 01/05/13 18:42, Remi Forax wrote:

> The code is not very java-ish,

But is very consistent across j.u.c. As a convention,
inline assignments to locals are used to hold field reads
to visually ensure use of consistent snapshots. The C-like
look-and-feel is a less important than is ability to simply
check these cases by inspection.

> Overall, I think there are too many lazy initializations.
> Unlike HashMap, if a developer uses let say LongAccumulator it's because
> AtomicLong doesn't work well,
> so not having the array of cells initialized by default seems weird.

You wouldn't say this if you were on a 256-way machine with
millions of LongAdders, where only a thousand of them heavily
contended :-)


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