Review request JDK-8004729: Parameter Reflection API

Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at
Thu Jan 10 09:13:28 UTC 2013

Hi Eric,



  31 public final class Parameter implements AnnotatedElement {
  33     private String name;
  34     private int modifiers;
  35     private Executable executable;
  36     private int index;

Can all the above fields be marked as final?


 172     public <T extends Annotation> T getDeclaredAnnotation(Class<T> annotationClass) {
 173         if (annotationClass == null)
 174             throw new NullPointerException();



 179     public <T extends Annotation> T getDeclaredAnnotations(Class<T> annotationClass) {

 202     public <T extends Annotation> T getAnnotations(Class<T> annotationClass) {

Should return T[] i presume. Likewise the spec needs to be updated on page 25.


On Jan 9, 2013, at 10:55 PM, Eric McCorkle <eric.mccorkle at> wrote:

> Hello,
> Please review the core reflection API implementation of parameter
> reflection.  This is the final component of method parameter reflection.
> This was posted for review before, then delayed until the check-in for
> JDK-8004728 (hotspot support for parameter reflection), which occurred
> yesterday.
> Note: The check-in of JDK-8004728 was into hsx/hotspot-rt, *not*
> jdk8/tl; therefore, it may be a while before the changeset makes its way
> into jdk8/tl.
> Also note: since the check-in of JDK-8004727 (javac support for
> parameter reflection), there has been a failure in the tests for
> Pack200.  This is being addressed in a fix contributed by Kumar, which I
> believe has also been posted for review.
> The open webrev is here:
> The feature request is here:
> The latest version of the spec can be found here:
> Thanks,
> Eric

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