review request 8006139, add missing methods to javax.sql.rowset.serial.SQLInput/OutputImpl

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Sun Jan 13 21:25:39 UTC 2013

Am 13.01.2013 21:08, schrieb Alan Bateman:
> Assuming CCE is long standing behavior then it would be good to update the spec of all the other 
> read* methods too. Alternatively a statement in the class description to cover it.

Only using a generified version of readObject(), a CCE would be less surprisingly to the user. The 
other methods then could be deprecated.

> One other thing is that the CCE has a side-effect in that it "consumes" the next attribute. The 
> methods could be changed to peek at the next attribute but that wouldn't work without 
> synchronization or making it clear in the spec that the it is not a thread-safe implementation of 
> SQLInput.

Maybe we could add a move-back method, so the stream-like behaviour would be more clear.
Was this API ever thread-safe?
Does it make any sense to use it multi-threaded?


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