review request 8006139, add missing methods to javax.sql.rowset.serial.SQLInput/OutputImpl

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Sat Jan 19 14:43:01 UTC 2013

On 15/01/2013 16:48, Lance Andersen - Oracle wrote:
> Here is a revision
> I still have to enter the JBS entry for the javadoc clarifications (and I also found another javadoc issue that was due to incorrect cut&  paste when the code was written) and ccc request
> As i mentioned in an earlier thread, these classes are hardly ever, if at all used and would only be used when UDTs are used and the majority of databases do not support this.
It would be good to get the ClassCastException specified when you get time.

I looked at the latest webrev and it seems okay to me. 
SQLInputImpl.getNextAttribute would be bit better if it only incremented 
idx after retrieving an attribute but that is existing code. Minor 
intent issue in SQLOutputImpl. writeNClob.


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