Review request: JDK-6519127 Vista: user.home property not set correctly

Alexey Utkin alexey.utkin at
Tue Jan 22 12:28:33 UTC 2013

To be clear, there are three options for a shell call:
     1. Force folder creation if not exists (KF_FLAG_CREATE)
     2. Return existent folder if any (0)
     3. Return folder name without verification (KF_FLAG_DONT_VERIFY)

Current implementation is close to the last option (without verification).
That is our choice for the fix? (My choice was #1)


On 22.01.2013 16:13, Anthony Petrov wrote:
> Well, I think this might be a good idea in order to preserve the 
> performance of the former implementation. I'd suggest to introduce a 
> boolean system property that, when specified, would omit these flags 
> though, so that if someone happens to rely on this behavior, they 
> could get it back by specifying the system property. And I actually 
> doubt we would ever have to advertise this system property in real 
> life, but it's good to feel safe anyway. At least that is what we 
> would do in Client code.
> However, I'll leave it up to Alan to decide if this is a good solution 
> for Core-libs.
> -- 
> best regards,
> Anthony
> On 1/22/2013 15:52, Alexey Utkin wrote:
>> Ok. Alan and Anthony,
>> would you like to be faster and follow optimistic strategy, that is 
>> described here:
>> That  do you thing about 
>> Regards,
>> -uta
>> On 22.01.2013 15:14, Anthony Petrov wrote:
>>> On 1/22/2013 13:48, Alexey Utkin wrote:
>>>>> One thing on SHGetKnownFolderPath is that you specify 
>>>>> KF_FLAG_CREATE and I'm not sure if that is right because we don't 
>>>>> want the JDK creating the user's directory if it doesn't exist.
>>>> That is a corner case. In the latest versions of OS, MS is trying 
>>>> to follow "lazy" strategy in everything. Nothing is been 
>>>> instantiating before the first use. But Java needs the home folder.
>>>> So, we have the right to request the creation. That is OS solution 
>>>> to accept or decline the request.
>>> I agree with Alan. Java shouldn't forcibly create the user directory 
>>> if it doesn't exist yet. I suggest to pass 0 (zero) as the dwFlags 
>>> argument to ::SHGetKnownFolderPath(). The same applies to a call to 
>>> the ::SHGetFolderPathW(). getHomeFromShell32() may return NULL, so 
>>> let it do so if no user directory exists.
>>> -- 
>>> best regards,
>>> Anthony

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