Review request: JDK-6519127 Vista: user.home property not set correctly

Anthony Petrov anthony.petrov at
Tue Jan 22 15:45:00 UTC 2013

Hi Alexey,

The fix looks good from code logic perspective.

I'm only concerned with whether we should use the __try/__except magic, 
or would it rather make sense to define:

#define IS_WINVISTA (LOBYTE(LOWORD(::GetVersion())) >= 6)

and guard the call to SHGetKnownFolderPath() with this check? This seems 
to be lighter than using the exception handling machinery from 
performance perspective, and IMO it would make the code cleaner/easier 
to read.

best regards,

On 1/22/2013 19:30, Alexey Utkin wrote:
> On 22.01.2013 16:52, Alan Bateman wrote:
>> On 22/01/2013 12:28, Alexey Utkin wrote:
>>> To be clear, there are three options for a shell call:
>>>     1. Force folder creation if not exists (KF_FLAG_CREATE)
>>>     2. Return existent folder if any (0)
>>>     3. Return folder name without verification (KF_FLAG_DONT_VERIFY)
>>> Current implementation is close to the last option (without 
>>> verification).
>>> That is our choice for the fix? (My choice was #1)
>>> Regards,
>>> -uta
>> The JDK doesn't strictly require the user's home directory to exist 
>> and it's possible in some environments for the home directory to 
>> become inaccessible during the lifetime of the VM. The main thing (I 
>> think) is that exceptions and messages are clear if there is an error 
>> accessing something in the home directory.
>> So I think #3 is the right answer. As you point out, this is 
>> essentially long standing behavior. My concern with #2 is that it 
>> might hurt startup significantly when the home directory is remote. My 
>> concern with #1 is that I don't think the JDK should be the one to 
>> create the home directory (although in practice it would be very rare).
> Sounds reasonable.
> Let's follow that way. The #3 option is chosen.
> Suggested fix:
> Regards,
> -uta

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