OPENJDK env var not playing well with new build

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed Jan 23 11:54:32 UTC 2013

On 23/01/2013 8:58 PM, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> On 2013-01-23 11:30, Weijun Wang wrote:
>> I thought building an OpenJDK or Oracle JDK can be fully controlled by
>> using the --enable-openjdk-only configure option, but it seems the
>> OPENJDK env variable still plays a part. If the variable is set to
>> true and --enable-openjdk-only is not provided, the new build process
>> gets confused and fails.

Can you point us at a log? I'd like to see exactly where the confusion 

>> I understand this is my fault and I should not have that variable
>> around. However, it will be nice if the build can deny all external
>> variables like it did with all those ALT_*** variables. Are there any
>> other variables I should be aware of?
> This is bad, I agree. We initially kept the same variable for
> controlling if the build was OpenJDK only or not as the old build,
> because it made it easier during the conversion. The problem with this
> variable is that it is either set or not, which makes it harder to
> override in makefiles. The proper solution would be to replace this in
> the new build with something like OPENJDK_ONLY=true/false and completely
> ignore the old OPENJDK.

Not sure why the set/unset situation is a problem. If OPENJDK is set 
then it must be set to true else the sanity checks fail.

But we should locate anywhere that the make files still examine the 
environment for such variables - not that I thought there were such 
places. The environment variables should only be used to influence how 
configure runs, and the variables it sets should then be used by the 
make files.


> I can't remember any other variables right now, but it's quite possible
> there are more.
> /Erik

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