Need volunteer to push JDK-8004729

Rob McKenna rob.mckenna at
Wed Jan 23 16:22:18 UTC 2013

There seems to be some mail delivery problems. I volunteered to push the 
change in an earlier mail. It sounds like that testcase change makes 
sense, so send the details when you're ready and I'll push later this 


On 23/01/13 16:00, Eric McCorkle wrote:
> The first set (JDK-8004728) are in as of last week.  The second set
> (JDK-8006005) are not, and it doesn't look like they are going to make
> it.  However, JDK-8006005 only fixes some small bugs, so I can mark one
> of the tests I wrote @ignore.
> On 01/23/13 10:56, Alan Bateman wrote:
>> On 23/01/2013 15:16, Eric McCorkle wrote:
>>> I'm not a committer, so I need someone to push this changeset for me.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Eric
>> I'm not volunteering (sorry) but just checking that the HotSpot changes
>> are in jdk8/tl/hotspot already? I think they are, but just doubling
>> checking to avoid problems if someone pushes this to jdk8/tl/jdk today.
>> -Alan

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