Request for Review JDK-8006503: JVM_PrintStackTrace is not used in JDK

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Jan 25 11:22:45 UTC 2013

On 24/01/2013 20:29, Eric McCorkle wrote:
> Also, can someone more experienced in core-libs please confirm that it
> has indeed not been used since that long ago (and perhaps more
> importantly, that there are no current plans to use it)?
The only usage that I can find is in the distance past, long before 
OpenJDK. I'm not aware of anything or anyone planning to use it.

When hotspot builds were going into several JDK trains then great care 
was required, particularly with removing functions but I think that has 
been rare.

In any case, it is my understanding that the JVM_* functions are not a 
supported interface, at least definitely not for applications/libraries 
outside of the JDK to use directly. To my knowledge, we've never 
documented these functions beyond the header files (except perhaps 
perhaps porting documentation for those porting this code base).  There 
are moves afoot on cvmdi-dev [1] to document these functions but I'm not 
tracking it closely to know what labels (private, unstable, etc.) are 



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