Java 8 syntax change between b63 and b65

Frank Ding dingxmin at
Wed Jan 30 02:06:23 UTC 2013

Hi guys,
I noticed there is a change in Java 8 between b63 and b65. The change 
can be illustrated by compiling following Issue class.

public class Issue {
interface Handler {
public void handle();

interface Listener {
public void listen();

Handler handlerImpl = new Handler() {
public void listen(Object... obj) {
// do nothing

public void handle() {
new Listener() {

public void listen() {

With OpenJDK 8 b65, compilation goes well whereas b63 failed, 
complaining that error: method listen in class <anonymous Listener> cannot 
be applied to given types;
required: no arguments
found: <null>
reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length
1 error

Could anybody kindly take a look at it and point out what Oracle bug or 
feature has been built into b65 which is not available in b63? It would 
be very helpful.

Best regards,

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