RFR : 7129185 : (L) Add Collections.{checked|empty|unmodifiable}Navigable{Map|Set}

Martin Buchholz martinrb at google.com
Tue Jun 18 22:14:09 UTC 2013

Thanks for reusing the existing testing infrastructure I wrote many years

I'm a big fan of diversity in testing, and so I much prefer using a
different random seed every time to the "reliability" of deterministic
tests.  I you wanted to add repeatability support, you could easily have
the test save the initial seed and provide it in case of failure.

-    static final Random rnd = new Random();+    static final Random
rnd = new Random(8675309);

I don't like the removal of tests below.  Can we find some other way of
handling this (perhaps by catching NotSerializableException, as I did in
                    if (! (xxx.getCause() instanceof

-        if (maybe(4) && s instanceof Serializable)-
equal2(s, serialClone(s));+// mduigou: I had to comment this out for
the Collection wrappers which wrap+// unserializable sets.+//
if (maybe(4) && s instanceof Serializable)+//            equal2(s,


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