Review Request: JDK-8019227: JDK-8010325 broke the old build

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Jun 27 06:13:39 UTC 2013

On 27/06/2013 05:37, Brad Wetmore wrote:
> Brent/Alan/Mike,
> was removed from the JDK workspace, but was not removed 
> from the old java/java/FILES_java.gmk.  Things that still depend on 
> the old build (JCE/deploy) are currently broken.
> Brad
> P.S. I'm very aware that we need to move off the old build soon and am 
> getting closer to finally working on it with Erik, and that the old 
> build isn't complete.  But it's complete enough for the JCE 
> dependencies.  Unfortunately, this isn't a simple transition 
> (JDK-8006350), and this is a quick fix to get the JCE bits built.

The old build has not produced usable bits for several months, it may 
not have been failing but if you look closely (or run the tests) then 
you'll see that there are several things missing. On build-dev then 
you'll probably have seen a mail or two from me where I was trying to 
encourage the build group to set a date to finally retire and remove the 
old build - this is because the old build is just a tax on every change 
that needs to touch the build.

Anyway, the change looks okay but I strongly encourage you to put in the 
time to resolve the usability or others ssues that arise when working on 


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