RFR: 8013155: [pack200] improve performance of pack200

Alexander Zuev alexander.zuev at oracle.com
Thu May 2 13:30:54 UTC 2013


On 4/30/13 22:32, Kumar Srinivasan wrote:
> Couple of nits:
> I don't think you need the parens
> j = (nextsemi < nextangl ? nextsemi : nextangl);
Here i tend to agree with John - the condition being a superposition of 
two really closely named
variables might look confusing and since the world supply of parentheses 
is not limited i will humbly
ask for permission to leave one extra pair of them there.
> Coding conventions nits:
> missing spaces for operators.
> for (int i = firstl+1, j; i > 0; i = sig.indexOf('L', j)+1) {
> I take it all the regression tests have been run ? in 
> jdk/test/tools/pack200.
Sure - since it is not platform-specific code i took liberty to perform 
testing on Mac OS and Linux only - all the pack200
regression tests are passed.

The updated webrev can be seen here: 

With best regards,

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