JDK-8011653: Upgrade to JAXP 1.5

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Sat May 4 07:12:14 UTC 2013

On 03/05/2013 19:02, huizhe wang wrote:
> :
> Removed the repetitive "value" definition from the 
> setAttribute/setProperty methods. The open statements already have 
> references to the properties in XMLConstants.
> Updated to:
> "The default value is implementation specific and therefore not 
> specified.  The following options are provided for consideration:"
> The 2nd paragraph already had the "recommendation" when FSP is set to 
> true (same as in the JEP).
I looked at the updated webrev, again mostly focusing on the 
javadoc/spec changes, and this looks much better.

One comment on the "options for consideration" is that it reads "an 
empty string to allow no access permission". This might be better as "an 
empty string to deny all access to external references".

In each of the setProperty methods it specifies the exception that are 
thrown when a connection is denied.  For example in TransformerFactory 
it reads "If access is denied during processing due to the restriction 
of this property,TransformerConfigurationExceptionwill be thrown by 
TransformerFactory". In this case I thought it was Transformer but more 
generally the wording doesn't make it clear that it's the parse or 
transform or whatever methods that throw the exceptions.

I agree with Daniel's comment that it is hard to completely assess 
whether all code paths have been identified. It's a reminder that this 
one needs extensive testing.


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