Review Request: BigInteger patch for efficient multiplication and division (#4837946)

Tim Buktu tbuktu at
Tue May 7 00:16:04 UTC 2013

Hi Brian,

On 06.05.2013 22:47, Brian Burkhalter wrote:
> Also helpful to the process would be to have (four) staged patches
> available. I could take on this task as well, i.e., derive patches
> from the code provided thus far, but it might be safer if those more
> intimately familiar with the code helped out, especially as said
> patches might already exist somewhere. If I am not mistaken, the patch
> for Step 1 less the pow() improvements is this
> one: For the time being I will
> start to look at this patch.

Note that it also includes Burnikel-Ziegler. I put it in there because
BZ is kind of the division counterpart of Karatsuba/Toom-Cook, so I
thought they should go together. If you go with Alan's proposal, we'd
need to make a new patch with just Karatsuba, Toom-Cook, and pow().
Maybe Alan has that patch already.

>>   My latest best version of all of these routines is located at:
> This is equivalent to the most recent version of TIm's repository
> plus your changes for pow() and toString()?
They're the same except for some formatting changes I did so the old and
new code would match.


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